The Grand Hotel Del Mare Resort & Spa has chosen a sustainable lifestyle as its Philosophy and Mission: we are progressively limiting the use of plastic, we use recycled paper, we carry out separate collection and we cook artisan products from local companies at Km0 as well as we offer a wide range of organic foods.

Most of the Resort is LED-lit; we promote sustainable mobility and involve guests in our eco-friendly philosophy with programs aimed at saving energy and aimed at reducing environmental pollution.

We are aware that much more can be done but we are working hard to improve more and more!



  • Containers for separate waste collection in all areas of the Resort’s back office as well as in the meeting spaces
  • Glasses and eco-compostable materials at the Grand Spa Del Mare
  • Biodegradable bags for wet waste and for all other categories in all areas of the Resort
  • Collaboration with 0 Km companies
  • Programs for events made in eco-sustainability
  • Recent change of the boiler with a new generation
  • Enhancement of the lighting system and replacement with LED lights in all areas of the Resort
  • Optimization and improvement of the irrigation system of the hotel park
  • Smoking free rooms at the Resort

Bordighera Green

”The Grand Hotel Del Mare has received the green badge from the Municipality of Bordighera”
Bordighera green


Green Power Meeting

GHM Green Attitude