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The oldest tennis club in Italy
The first Italian tennis club is linked to colonialism.
In 1878, close to the Anglican church , was founded “The Bordighera Lawn Tennis Club” ( BLTC ).
Soon, in jolly competition with the English Committee, chaired by the London Gibraltar Bishop. Before the great war, the two clubs had 9 courts and, after the war, the British Community will reach three thousands people, the “ Anonymous Cooperative of Sport and English Colonies will had six more courts.
Right after the end of the great war , the first tournaments started at international levels , until in 1925 , the “ Bain Cup “, first internal tournament was institutionalized.Two years later, in 1927, the Club was committing to organize tournaments at professional levels.
The “ Long Cup” professional ladies & gentlemen , which remained until the beginning of the II world war , one of the must classic Italian tournaments.

The Vera Cup for Ladies only and two more tournaments for youngsters under 16.
These international tournaments were disputed every year in spring , when the English Colony was about to conclude their holidays in Bordighera.
On the 50 th anniversary , professional male and female players participated to the tournament from 8 Nations . ( Italy , England , France , Germany , Austria , Ireland , Norway and Japan.)
Only in 1933 , an Italian managed to win the “ Long Cup” , he was Federico Billour, owner of the first factory of tennis rackets.
In that moment , the BLTC became the strongest club in the whole Riviera , winning against Alassio , Sanremo, Menton and Montecarlo.

Many well known players walked through.
He these lawns such as: Tildon , Lacoste , Cochet , Hopman , De Morpurgo , De Stefani and Vido.
Today , the BLTC is open to the guests of the Grand Hotel del Mare Resort & Spa with clay courts and night lights , a tennis store where you can buy memorabilias and the best coaches to teach you through private lesson.

Vela doc is one of the oldest sailing school in Italy and always cutting edge.
Nini Sanna and his team , manage to get together people from any age with sailing , for more than 30 years.

The Vela doc team is based on professional skippers.
The lessons are available all year long.
The mild weather in Sanremo allows you to sail the coasts during any season and the very near Cotes D’ Azur , lets you enjoy a short cruise during weekends.

From September to June , many regattas are available for those who wants to test their abilities and skills
The guests of Grand Hotel del Mare Resort & Spa have choices for different itineraries

Bike Trail
The Bike Trail of the West Coast is one of the longest in the Mediterranean.

A total length of 20 km, the path is accessible by pedestrians and cyclists in both directions.

The route is mostly flat and easy, pass across small villages and along the typical Mediterranean coast, in picturesque small sites that in the past are inaccessible.